Comedy @ The Carlson Championship


Thank you for your interest in the First Annual Comedy @ The Carlson Championship. This is amateur performers first chance to get on stage at upstate New York’s newest and hottest comedy club! Our goal is to make this year’s contest bigger and better than any contest this town has ever seen! The contest will run on Wednesday nights beginning July 12th. As a contestant, you will be competing for a myriad of prizes, including a $1,000 first-place prize!


Checking In

Showtime is 7:30pm we request that performers arrive and check in by 7pm. If you are going to be later than 7pm please email and let us know when you plan on arriving. At check-In you will draw a number  and this will determine your performance slot for that nights show.




Time limit breaks down like this


Preliminary Rounds: 5 Minutes/ Light at 4 minutes

Quarter Finals: 5-7 Minutes/ Light at 6 minutes

Semi-Finals: 5-7 Minutes/ Light at 6 minutes

Finals: 10 minutes / Light at 9 minutes


The lightis a tool used in the comedy business to silently make a performer aware that their time is almost up. It is located on the wall in the back of the club stage left. When you have one minute remaining the light will turn on. That means wrap up your setAt the end of your time limit the light will turn off, and the host will return to the stage. If the light turns off and you have not ended your set you will have 2 points deducted from your final score. There is also a hidden clock on the floor on the stage to help you manage your time.

Please note that your time begins when you reach the stage and shake hands with the Host.



Stand-Up comedy is one of the last bastions of free speech. We do not believe in censoring someone’s act. Please be advised that we strongly recommend that you fashion your act in a way that would be enjoyable to a mixed crowd.



There is no filming allowed in the showroom. If you would like a copy of the video it can be purchased directly from the Rochester Show. A copy of your video can be ordered any time during the night. The cost for this service is $10.



Scores are based off of a combination of our judges score and crowd score.


Judge Scoring:

Our judges for this season will be a combination of professional comedy bookers, agents, professional comedians & various media personalities. They will be judging performers based on 3 categories stage presence, strength of materiel and overall performance. Judges can award up to 10 points per category. For example a perfect judges score is 30.



Crowd Scoring:


The crowd will receive a score card as their ticket after paying for admission. They will be able to choose their top 3 performers of the night by simply voting 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Every 1st place vote counts for 3 points, 2 points for 2nd & 1 point for 3rd. The votes will be tabulated during the Headliner performance. The crowd will be required to vote for 3 performers or their vote does not count. 

Your final score will be determined by adding your Judges score and Crowd score together.


Advancing to Victory!


Preliminary rounds – Top 3 scoring performers from each night.

Quarter Finals- Top 4 scoring performers from each night.

Semi Finals – Top 6 Scoring Performers

Finals – Top 3 performs win cash prizes


1st Place $1000 & paid work at Comedy @ The Carlson

2nd place $500 & paid work at Comedy @ The Carlson